Panasonic Camcorders Have Intelligent Auto So You Don’t Have To Be

Panasonic camcorders comes in so many varieties its almost like getting a custom made camcorder. The first pick is how do you want to initially record your video? This is usually dictated by the type of shooting your doing as to whether SD memory card, built in flash memory, or built in hard disk drive will be best for you type of shooting.

The next level is simple, SD standard definition or HD High Definition wide screen recording? If you chose HD then we have a few new options to consider, between the 1 MOS and 3 MOS version of your HD Panasonic Camcorder.

Panasonic’s 1 MOS sensor has 2.53 megapixels in it. When you use 1 MOS sensors in a one per color, red, blue,cyan configuration this 3 MOS system then has 7.59 million effective motion image pixels (2.53 megapixels x 3) turning great colour response into WOW colour respect as the trueness and brightness really take on a new persona. This is real HD even in low light conditions, more WOW!

Add on a few small but major touches like intelligent auto, Panasonic camcorders proprietary instant readiness firmware, and eliminate the start up and adjust times when you see a photo event unfold before your eyes. You and the Panasonic camcorders will both be ready for the shot.